How to Prevent Broken or Damaged Garage Door Springs

How to Prevent Broken or Damaged Garage Door Springs

Once your garage door has been installed, you probably won’t give it a second thought, unless it refuses to open and close as it should.  However, like any element in your home that gets frequent use, your garage door needs to be properly maintained if you want it to continue functioning.  This means taking care of springs that literally do the heavy lifting to open your garage door.

When a spring rusts or suffers wear and tear, it could become damaged or even break.  This not only impacts your ability to use your garage door, but when this heavy-duty, high-tension spring snaps, it could be dangerous to anyone within range, or cause damage to nearby cars or other items in your garage.

What can you do to prevent such occurrences?  Here are a few tips to keep your garage door springs in ship shape and avoid the cost of early replacement.

Invest in High-End Products

The best way to get the greatest longevity and use value from your garage door is to purchase superior products.  This not only means choosing a garage door package from reputable and reliable manufacturers and installers, but also making sure the torsion springs are designed to last.  Look specifically for springs that offer the longest lifespan and the least potential for damage or breakage.

Inspect Regularly

Your annual homeowner checklist probably includes common items like HVAC inspection, cleaning the gutters, and examining the roof.  What you’re unlikely to see on these lists is a line item for checking out the components that keep your garage door working as it should.

While you can hire professionals to inspect for you, there are also a couple of tests you can perform on your own.  Start by opening and closing the door to make sure it moves smoothly and there are no strange noises.

Next, open the door, but stop its ascent halfway.  Does the door stop abruptly or does it continue to move?  If it’s the latter, the springs may not be stable and might require adjustment.

Lubricate Springs

Rust can be a major problem for garage door springs, and it’s one of the main reasons for breakage.  The good news is, it’s easy to prevent by simply keeping springs well-lubricated with proper garage door lubricant (not WD-40).

Get Professional Help

If your garage won’t open or close, it’s making funny noises, or you suspect a spring has been damaged or broken, it’s time to call in the pros.  This is not something you want to mess with on your own as it can be dangerous and require specialized knowledge and equipment to fix.


Whether you want an inspection or you need broken or damaged springs repaired or replaced, the experts at D Bar Garage Doors deliver with honest and reliable service.

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