Overhead vs. wall mount garage door openers

Overhead vs. wall mount garage door openers

Remember that exhilarating moment when your life transformed from opening and closing your garage door by hand to an automatic opener? Having the door appease you with the click of a button was a whole new world and if you’re in a place of shopping for a new opener, even more wonderful things are in your future. In fact, today’s choices are so many that it can be challenging at the very least, with many options and advanced features available. It’s always best to consider your short- and long-term needs for a garage door, of course, but two of the biggest choices will be overhead or wall mount. Let’s look closer at both:

Overhead garage door openers

Overhead garage door openers have been the most common and popular option for homeowners for many years. This type of garage opener includes a ceiling-mounted system with a rail track and lift using a chain, belt or screw-drive mechanism. The three common types of overhead door openers include:

  • Chain

This is the most common type of overhead opener found in homes, using ropes of chain to glide along the track and lift and lower the door. Chain drives are cost-effective and popular because of their durable, dependable design. They are, however, much louder than other options and require intermittent maintenance.


  • Belt

This type uses a reinforced belt to open and close the door and is very popular because of their quiet and reliable operations. Belt drives are often crafted from steel-enforced rubber, polyurethane or fiberglass.


  • Screw-drive

Instead of pulling the door up, a screw-drive opener uses a threaded metal rod to lift the door by gliding it along the track. They are incredibly reliable and can endure heavy duty wear, but require regular lubrication to ensure lasting performance.

Wall mounted garage door openers

True to their name, wall-mounted garage door openers are installed on the wall to the left or right side of the garage door. Wall-mounted openers are ideal for garages with little overhead space or depth, or sloped ceilings. Instead of a rail track, wall-mounted openers operate with the door’s torsion bar.

Jackshaft models are the most common type of wall-mounted openers and offer exceptional security, smooth operation and long-term dependability. Jackshaft openers installed to the side of your garage door also frees up overhead space for storage.

When choosing a garage door opener, consider your budget, maintenance expectations, available space, size of the door and key features on your wish list.


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