Common reasons you can’t get your garage door to shut

Common reasons you can’t get your garage door to shut

A home’s garage door might not seem like such a big deal, just like every other door in the house, but these portals we take for granted obviously serve a critical purpose and are among a home’s most important components.

Consider a garage door for a moment. Depending on your age and childhood memories, you might remember a time when this big, rectangular door had to be opened and closed by hand. Most of today’s modern homes come standard with automatic garage doors and a handy remote for push-button convenience. Even so, garage doors get old and crotchety like the rest of us and even the most cared for doors eventually wear out.

A garage door opens and closes thousands of times, but if yours is in a stage of revolt and won’t shut all the way, there are a variety of common reasons that can be addressed. Some issues are DIY-friendly while others are best left to professionals.

Something is in the way

This might seem like the proverbial no-brainer but it happens a lot. If a child’s toy, a dropped hockey puck, crescent wrench or any other object blocks the door, the door naturally won’t make it all the way closed. Check the floor for anything impeding progress or blocking the sensor eyes.

Safety sensors on the fritz

A garage door’s safety sensors are located roughly six inches from the garage floor, facing each other and sending a signal that spots anything in the way of the door. If the sensors are not properly emitting a signal, the door will not fully close. This issue can usually be fixed by replacing the sensors.

Broken springs

Huge springs are responsible for handling the substantial weight of a garage door and are under immense tension. A broken spring can throw off a door’s alignment and prevent it from operating as intended. It’s easy to tell if you have a broken spring and if so, call a professional immediately. Keep in mind a garage door’s heavy weight if you disengage the electric opener’s track to close the door manually.

Damage on the tracks

Just like a damaged railroad track can derail a train, a garage door’s tracks must be in perfect shape in order to perform smooth operation. If a track is dented or warped or otherwise damaged, it can stop a door from closing all the way and even lodge the door mid-way and leave it stuck in place.


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