When Your Garage Door is Stuck

When Your Garage Door is Stuck, Try These Tricks to Get Things Moving

Your garage door provides a means of getting your cars in and out when it’s open, while protecting the valuable contents within when it’s closed.  However, it’s only useful if it continues to function, opening and closing on demand.  What happens when it gets stuck?

There are several reasons why your garage door might stick in an open or closed position.  Some are easy fixes, like if the batteries in your garage door opener run out of juice.  Then there are issues like rust, dried out components, dirty or damaged tracks, or even garage doors that have frozen shut.  Here are a few tips and tricks to treat and prevent such problems, ensuring a functional garage door year after year.

Regular Cleaning and Inspection

Perhaps the best way to keep your garage from sticking or suffering damage is to conduct a regular and thorough cleaning of all parts to prevent the buildup of grit and grime that could compromise function.  You should also inspect all parts to make sure there is no damage or concerns like rust.  This will help you to identify minor problems like dents, nicks, or other damage that could compromise the integrity of your system so that you can arrange for repair or replacement of parts before the whole system stops working.

Checking Alignment

You probably open and close your garage multiple times a day, and continual use can lead to alignment issues over time as tension on springs unbalances and the door is no longer level.  This can cause hitches or shimmies as the door moves unevenly on the track, and eventually, it will simply stop opening and closing altogether.  You may need professional help to get it back on track, so to speak.


When mechanical components aren’t properly lubricated, they can begin to scrape against each other, causing damage.  They can also get sticky, gritty, or dry, causing further damage and increasing risks for breakage.  With the regular application of a suitable garage door lubricant, you can avoid such issues, especially when paired with regular cleaning and inspection.

Prepping for Winter Weather Conditions

When rain, snow, and freezing temperatures combine, the end result could be a garage door that’s frozen shut.  This can best be prevented by updating seals as needed, salting along the bottom seam of the garage door, removing snow and ice frequently, and keeping your garage door well-lubricated.  If all else fails, a garage heater can help.

If you’re having issues with a garage door that sticks and you suspect damage or simple wear and tear, contact the qualified professionals at D Bar Garage Door for expert inspection, repair, and replacement services.

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