The impact of cold weather on your garage door

You know how frigid cold weather has a big effect on your fingers and toes and nose and even your mood? The same thing happens with mechanical and other moving parts in your home and your garage takes the brunt of it. There it sits, out there in the icy cold, usually clad with only a fraction of the rest of the home’s insulation but always there when you need to keep your car safe and sound.

A garage door vs. the elements

Abrupt temperature changes can have a significant impact on your garage door’s operating performance as well as structural integrity. Wooden doors and accompanying frames and jambs are prone to absorbing water and subsequent swelling can cause the door to rub on the frame.

Rainwater, snow, and sleet are also persistent and damaging opponents to a garage door and combined with cold temperatures can easily freeze a door solidly to the ground, or even in the upward position if ice collects on the tracks. Ice can also form in panel seams of a door, rendering them unable to separate and follow their intended trajectory up or down.

An opener frozen in time

In addition to the main structure of a garage door, its opener is also at risk in a battle with the elements. A garage door opener contains many moving parts and cold weather can throw a wrench in the works, requiring the motor to work that much harder. To help ease the situation, it is important to keep everything adequately lubricated with a lube appropriate for the system. A lube with the wrong consistency can rapidly thicken and cause more harm than good, especially with the springs. A garage door’s springs must be kept thoroughly lubed to ensure efficient operation and if they have to work harder, that puts extra stress on the motor.

Keep the eyes open

Another common trouble spot with garage doors in winter is the opener’s photo eyes. Accumulating snow or condensation can block or fog up the lenses and when that happens, they can’t communicate with each other, the door thinks there’s an obstruction, and it won’t open. The good news is cleaning the lenses is an easy fix.

While you’re in the maintenance mode, check the tracks and rollers for debris and smooth operation, check weather stripping, and double check lubrication. For more information on cold weather’s effect on garage doors, contact the team at DB Garage Doors at (503) 553-9933 or

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