Why You Should Use Garage Door Lubricant

Why You Should Use Garage Door Lubricant

Garage doors are all too often overlooked when it comes to home maintenance, but they require some degree of care just like so many other parts of our homes. Lubrication of garage doors should be done every three to six months. Perhaps you could use the changing of the seasons as a reminder.

The Reasons

There are four primary reasons for the need to lubricate. If it isn’t done, your garage door system will suffer from more wear and tear, decreasing its life span and possibly leading to costly repair. The second reason is the desire to limit the noise created when the door moves up and down in its tracks. Some sound is to be expected as the system operates, but excessive noise is a sign of a poorly lubricated door. Third, lubricant can help limit or prevent the development of corrosion or rust that might inhibit proper operation and look unsightly. Lastly, you’ll want to lubricate to keep the door from getting stuck.

What You’ll Want to Lubricate

You’ll want to lubricate every moving part. This includes the rollers (wheel-like parts that enable the door to move on the track), hinges, pulleys, and springs. You’ll also want to lubricate the door lock so it doesn’t become difficult to turn. Do not lubricate the tracks in which the door sits, as this can cause slippage of the door.

Before you begin the lubrication process, wipe all involved parts with a rag in order to remove dirt or other buildup. You want to give the lubricant a fresh surface on which to work. While you’re at it, you might as well clean the tracks as well even though you won’t be lubricating them.

What to Use

Take care to use a true lubricant rather than a cleaning agent that you might have around your home. The lubricant should be specifically designed for this purpose and made to reduce friction. After you’ve finished the process, immediately open and close the garage door fully so that you assure a complete and even coating of lubricant.

This process will take you only minutes, but it can add to the life span of your garage door and will keep it looking good and operating more quietly. It’s a worthwhile investment of your time.

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