Does your garage door opener need to be replaced?

Does your garage door opener need to be replaced?

Garage door openers are one of the many small appliances that keep our modern world running smoothly. We often don’t think about them; in fact, we take them for granted. But when they stop working, then we certainly do notice them. When you press the button on your wall control unit for your garage door to open and nothing happens, that’s a problem. Here’s what to do if your garage door opener – one of those many small appliances – needs to be replaced.

Garage door maintenance can be costly, and a homeowner should assess the problem fully before turning it over to a professional or discarding the unit altogether.

Before you call in the experts, check these things yourself to diagnose the problem. Learning more about the problem will help decide your course of action.

Check the door

Before you assume that your garage door opener is the component with the issue, take a look at the door itself. Look for signs that the chain is out of alignment or it has a broken spring. If it is difficult or impossible to open the door without the motor working, then your problem is with the door, not the opener.

Check the opener

If you can safely assume that the problem is with the opener itself, here’s what you can do to double-check it. Look at the wall control, if the light is off, that means there’s a tripped circuit that needs to be reset. If the wall control unit light is on, unplug it and plug it back in again. This resets the wall control unit and sometimes does the trick.

The problems

The most common garage door opener issues are stripped nylon gears and logic board malfunctions, and both of these are costly repairs. It might be more cost-effective to buy a whole new unit.

The fix

If you are going to get the garage door opener repaired, check your warranty first for any parts that may be covered. Next talk to an expert like those at D Bar Garage Doors, they will be able to diagnose the issue and quote a price.

Garage doors units are durable and trustworthy but, like all appliances, they need upkeep to continue running smoothly. If your garage door opener is having issues, visit professionals like those at D Bar Garage Doors. Their garage door experts can help you find a solution.

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