4 Signs You Should Invest in a New Garage Door

When there are so many home improvement projects on your to-do list, a new garage door might not take priority, especially if the one you have is functioning adequately.  However, you should know that there are benefits to be gained from maintaining your garage door, as well as replacing it at the right time. 

Your garage door is a functional element of your home, protecting your garage and its contents from intruders while allowing you entry and exit.  It’s also a part of your façade and it can add to or detract from your curb appeal, not to mention your property value.  If you garage is in dire straits, it’s time to update it.  Here are a few signs to watch for. 

  1. Sagging

Many garage doors are made of wood, which means they can start to sag over time.  As you may know, wood can shrink and swell with changing environmental factors like temperature and humidity. 

While garage doors are designed to stand up to the onslaught of the elements, they can succumb to decomposition, rot, mold, and other types of deterioration that cause them to sag.  With proper care, your garage door can last for years, but when it starts to sag, there’s not much you can do to fix it, which means an update is imminent.

  1. Damage

In addition to issues like mold and rot, your garage door could suffer common types of damage like cracking, splintering, and other signs of wear and tear.  It could also be subjected to impact damage if you accidentally back your car into it or your kids persist in dumping their bikes on it, just for example.  Minor damage could be repaired, but over time, extensive damage will require replacement.

  1. Rumbling and hitching

Whether you have a manual or an electric garage door, difficulties when opening or closing it can spell trouble.  If you notice sticking, hitching, rumbling, squealing, or other disconcerting noises and holdups, it’s possible that you could try some repairs, but it might be the beginning of the end, so you should consider saving your repair funds and applying them to a new garage door instead.

  1. Failure to open/close

Issues with the appearance of your garage door might not necessarily prompt you to upgrade to a new model, but when the functionality is on the fritz, it’s definitely time to start shopping for a replacement that will add both convenience and curb appeal to your property.

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