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When it comes to garage door spring replacement services in Portland, Oregon, D Bar Garage Doors simply can’t be beat. Properly installed garage door springs can last up to 10 years before replacement is necessary, however they can break within that time for a number of reasons.  A broken spring is actually the MOST common of problems that we see in homes and businesses in and around the Portland area.

Think you may have a broken spring?
Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did you hear a very loud pop or sproing come from the garage?
  • Is your garage door not opening?
  • Garage door tipped to one side more than the other?

If you know your spring is broken:

  • STOP using the door
  • Please call us immediately
  • We hope you do NOT try to lift or fix the door (this can cause injury to you and serious damage to the door mechanism and operator itself)

Spring/Door Maintenance

D Bar Garage Doors offers maintenance service to take care of any issues ahead of time so you are not left hanging!  Since the spring is what supports the entire weight of your garage door, maintenance is recommended every 6 months to 2 years depending on the make and model of your door.  We would love to help you spend less now instead of more in an emergency.  Our honest and reliable staff at D Bar Garage Doors will only advise you of the necessary, which will keep maintenance costs to a minimum.