Why A New Garage Door Offers Great ROI If You’re Selling Your Home

Owning a home is a lot of responsibility, but keeping it in good shape with strategic repairs can save you a lot of money in the long run. Whether you own a historic or modern home, odds are you will eventually have to repair something at some point. Fortunately, you can turn this reality into an advantage by upgrading your home in all the right places. Doing so could potentially increase the overall value in the long run, allowing you to make more than what you initially paid.

Maintenance Improves ROI

Putting money into your home usually means getting more money when you sell it. In other words, it improves your return on investment (ROI). Even better, ROI has greater chances of improving with less costly repairs. So if you find yourself ready to sell your home, it may be time to consider whether renovations are a good idea. Does your home contain any outdated features or lack anything that would give it a competitive edge on the market?

Installing A Garage Door Offers Great ROI

Installing a new garage door is one of the most effective and popular means of upgrading a home. Additionally, a brand new garage door is a sure means of improving your ROI. Compared to a remodeled kitchen or a new deck, a new garage door is a much faster and less expensive project with immediate curb appeal.

When shopping for houses, garage doors are usually one of the first things people notice. With this in mind, there’s no better way to show off your home’s value than with a utilitarian door that operates reliably and is easy on the eyes.

This isn’t just conjecture. A 2018 study conducted by Remodeling Magazine found homes with a new garage door saw a 98.3% ROI. Additionally, most realtors will tell you that homes with new garage doors tend to sell faster.

Thinking Of Replacing Your Garage Door?

If you are getting ready to repair or replace your garage door, contact D Bar Garage Doors today. We offer professional same day garage door repair and installation services throughout the Portland metro area. Our wide variety of door styles is sure to have something that is perfect for your home. They include carriage, swing style, wood, sectional, and full view steel. If all you need is a replacement, we can handle that too. We are able to replace individual panels, windows, or entire doors.

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