What is the future of garage door technology?

When you think of the future, images of flying cars and commuting by jet pack might come to mind but garage doors are probably not on the list. However, today’s technology flings headlong at warp speed and impacts everything from a pair of mittens to space satellites.

Leveraging the power of the internet, we can push a button or engage an app to control the temperature in our homes, coffee makers, on-site video systems—and garage doors! Indeed, new smartphone applications paired with compatible garage door openers makes your door more efficient and best of all, more secure.

All the Bells and Whistles

Some garage door systems include an app that allows you to control the door from any location and includes monitoring features to track when people enter and exit the garage. You can even set particular times of the day to open and close the door or automatically adjust the garage’s thermostat.

Select garage door opener models include fancy devices to add a little pizzazz to your car cave. Get a “connected” garage by attaching Bluetooth modules, a parking assist laser, tire inflators, and more.

Garage Doors of Tomorrow

The future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades. In a nod to that mid-80s pop hit, evolving technology brings with it the opportunity to innovate like never before. Ideas in the works today are set to influence the way we interact with our home’s garage tomorrow.


Solar garage doors are likely to become common home accoutrements. While solar panels on a home’s roof are currently used everywhere to generate energy; price, mechanics, and aesthetics are challenges when it comes to full-on solar garage doors. But the idea is there and it is from ideas that come great new products.

Curb appeal

Another technology that will surely be a hit is that which can change the look of a garage door whenever we want. Imagine garage doors made of interactive glass similar to a computer screen that lets you completely alter the door’s appearance with a simple touch of a button.

The Humble Garage Door Grows Up

The simple mechanical device that opens and closes a garage door has rapidly evolved into a highly integrated technology that can predict and respond to individual household needs and desires at a moment’s notice, and sometimes even before we know them.

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