The most common garage door issues in winter

The most common garage door issues in winter

Old Man Winter is upon us and with him will soon come bitter temperatures cold enough to freeze a memory. Along with our own cold noses and frosty fingers, many inanimate objects are also adverse to plunging temps and simply don’t work as well. Your home’s garage door is one of them.

A garage and automatic opener are incomparable conveniences in the cold months, especially for folks living in northern tier states. While your neighbor is out there scraping ice off a windshield or fussing with a dead battery, your car is tucked in all cozy and warm. You never have to worry about doing the “balance walk” on slippery ice to reach the car and it doesn’t feel like a meat locker when you get in.

However, it’s not always roses for a garage door in winter. From slowing way down to getting outright stuck in place, here are some common cold weather garage door maladies.

The button doesn’t work

This seems like an easy one but it’s surprising how many times an “emergency” issue is simply a quick fix to the remote. If you push the remote button and nothing happens, check the batteries! Cold weather affects batteries as well and putting in a fresh set might be all it takes.

The door sticks in places

If the door opens but gets stuck in places during the cycle, there is likely a lubrication problem. Metal garage doors rely on lubrication to ensure smooth operation and lube hardens and gunks up in low temperatures. Use lube rated for low temps in your area and keep it evenly distributed.

Icy door panels

Garage doors with multiple panels are susceptible to moisture working its way in and freezing. If your door creaks and groans and struggles to open, check for ice between the panels. If it’s there, use a hair dryer or other safe heat source to melt the ice and dry the areas thoroughly so it doesn’t freeze again overnight.

Worn out weather stripping

While weather stripping issues won’t impede a garage door’s normal operation, it is a critical component in defending against the cold. A garage door is very large and as such includes many places where cold air can infiltrate. Old weather stripping hardens and cracks and loses its tight seal around the door. The good news is it’s an easy fix to install a new section but be sure it is carefully applied and seals tight to the door.


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