The importance of garage door safety sensors 

The importance of garage door safety sensors 

Garage door sensors have been around for decades. In fact, sensors have been required in all garage door systems since the year 1993. They are an important part of the system as a whole and have come a long way in recent years. While sometimes overlooked, it is crucial to understand the important role that garage door sensors play and why it is necessary to ensure that they are functioning properly.

The “Eyes” of Your Garage Door

Garage door sensors are essentially the “eyes” of your garage door. They act as a lookout of sorts for any item, person, or thing that may be obstructing your door from opening or closing. Featured in pairs, sensors utilize beams that pass through one sensor to the other sensor. This beam, when broken, signals to the door that it should not close entirely as someone or something is in the way.

Located no more than six inches from the garage’s floor, sensors are low enough to protect even the smallest of beings, like children and pets; two subgroups that may not be strong enough to withstand the weight of a closing garage door. Further, sensors can stop the garage door from closing down on an automobile or another sturdy item that may, not only damage the item being crushed, but could damage the garage door as well.

Proper Maintenance

Because of the safety that sensors provide, it is crucial that you perform routine maintenance on your garage door and all of its components to ensure that everything is working properly. For your sensors, it is very important that they are checked for dust, dirt, and debris, and that they are regularly wiped down with a soft cloth.

Checking that your sensors are properly aligned is another way to ensure that they work properly. If they are misaligned, the beam may mistake this misalignment for an obstruction; this results in the sensors prohibiting your garage door from closing. To remedy this, simply check to see if the brackets holding your sensors in place have any lose screws and tighten them. If the bracket itself needs modification, bend the bracket until the sensors fall in line with one another.

For larger repairs, or if you begin to notice that your sensors are continuously malfunctioning, turn to a professional. The garage door professionals at D Bar Garage Doors can help with all of your garage door repair needs. Contact Us today for a free assessment and estimate!

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