The importance of garage door safety sensors

The importance of garage door safety sensors

Since 1993, garage door safety sensors have been required by federal regulation for all new garage door systems, and for very good reason. Garage door safety sensors are arguably the most important component of the door system and in addition to safety sensors, control sensors are also available. How do these sensors work to keep your family safe and the system working properly?

How do garage door sensors work?

If you’ve ever wondered why your garage door stops closing if you walk underneath it, or it refuses to close if something is in the way; the answer is looking right at you.

Garage door companies install “photo eyes” with the door’s opening mechanisms to ensure nothing blocks the path of an opening or closing door. These photoelectric eyes serve as lookouts for obstructions and in order for the eyes to see each other, the path between them must be clear. If the invisible ray is interrupted in any way, the door will stop in its tracks and reverse direction, thus sparing potential injury or damage to a person or object below.

A garage door is the largest and often heaviest moving object in a home. As such, it is very important that safety sensors are working properly.

Properly functioning sensors are critical

Many lives have been saved and property spared damage with garage door safety sensors. However, the sensors must be working properly in order to do their job. If they are not working as intended, check the batteries first. Reprogramming the remote is also a wise idea.

Next, check to be sure that the garage door itself is not locked. Then check to see if the garage door opener’s receiving antenna needs adjustment. If none of this works, it’s time to contact a garage door repair expert. With some luck it could be a simple fix such as getting a new remote, or there could be a larger underlying issue that needs professional attention and equipment.

Other maintenance areas

Garage door sensors are connected to a control system that sends signals to open and close the door or to turn connected lights on and off. Usually, a remote control is used to control this system and when this system is not working properly it is often due to low battery power in the remote. There may also be issues with radio traffic on or near the frequency used by the garage.

Whatever the case, don’t let faulty sensor go unattended. Get them fixed and stay safe.


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