What are the different noises coming from my garage door

What are the different noises coming from my garage door? Like a car or anything mechanical, a garage door may, at one point or another, begin making certain noises. Just like you would not ignore sounds coming from your car, if you begin to notice that your garage door is making certain sounds, it is [...]

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5 preventative maintenance tips for garage door owners

5 preventative maintenance tips for garage door owners Do you hear squeaking or rattling when you drive out of your garage for the day? Does your door look a little…aged? Have you noticed worn or bent cables? No matter your location, keeping your garage door in great condition is very important. If you live somewhere prone [...]

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How to open your garage door when there is a power outage

How to open your garage door when there is a power outage Power outages are never enjoyable. Aside from the stressors of losing power within the home (lack of refrigeration, air conditioning, and internet), a common power-outage complaint is the inability to open an electric garage door. Electric garage doors are convenient for many reasons. [...]

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The importance of garage door safety sensors 

The importance of garage door safety sensors  Garage door sensors have been around for decades. In fact, sensors have been required in all garage door systems since the year 1993. They are an important part of the system as a whole and have come a long way in recent years. While sometimes overlooked, it is [...]

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Teaching your kids about garage door safety

Garage Door Safety For Kids While all homeowners prioritize safety, homeowners with children (or homeowners that entertain others with children) know that safety not only needs to be a priority, it needs to be thoroughly discussed. From teaching children about the harm that comes from touching a hot stove to showing them how to properly [...]

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The Most Popular Flooring Options for Your Garage

Popular Garage Flooring Options A design element that many forget to consider when designing or updating their garage is flooring. This is commonly due to the fact that most garages have cement floors, and a lot of consumers are unaware that cement can be covered and that they have options when it comes to their [...]

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Garage Door Lubricant Benefits

Garage Door Lubricant Benefits What if there was a single solution to those annoying garage door noises and unruly rusty parts? If one or both of these ailments plagues your daily life, then garage door lubricant maintenance may be exactly what you need. Here to help you with that decision is a brief explanation of [...]

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How to Extend the Life of Your Garage Door

The garage is your car’s safe haven. It protects from theft, vandalism, and the boundless dangers of the environment. That’s why a sturdy and functional garage door is essential, but also why it’s imperative to have a plan that keeps it functional for years to come. Here to help with that are some tips on [...]

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