How Safe Is Your Garage

How Safe Is Your Garage Really?

When it comes to the safety and security of our homes, the garage typically takes a backseat. Aside from locking the door, most of us don’t apply the same safety precautions to our garages like we do our main living areas. Garage safety is important for a number of reasons and it is important that you take a few factors into consideration when looking to increase the overall safety of your garage.

Utilize Technology

We are fortunate to live in a time where technology reigns supreme. Implementing the use of technology into your garage’s security plan is a fantastic idea. Technology offers homeowners a sense of security even when they are halfway across the world. If there is a security breach, there are systems that will alert a traveling homeowner of said breach. Further, these systems allow you to interact with people in your home, adjust the lighting in your garage, and alert authorities of any suspicious activities that may be occurring in or around your home or garage.

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Garage openers are another piece of technology that can be used to your advantage; however, it is important that your garage opener is less than one decade old. Garage openers with fixed-code systems can easily be hacked into. If your garage opener operates on a fixed-code system, it may be worth looking into transitioning to a garage opener that utilizes a remote signal with a rolling code.

Make Doors a Priority

Are your garage doors flimsy or easily opened? Technology is useless if someone can easily open your garage door. The stronger your garage door or panel, the better. This can give you and your family time to flee if there is an intruder and it gives the authorities a bigger chance of catching the intruder. The appearance of your garage door also matters. If a door looks new and strong, it is not nearly as temping as a door that looks old and weak.

Be Smart

Practice good habits. Do not leave your garage door open and unaccompanied. Cover windows and lock any doors that may lead someone into the garage. Clean and maintain the mechanical components of your garage door. Smart safety habits go a long way in ensuring overall garage safety.

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