5 tips for keeping children safe near garage doors

5 tips for keeping children safe near garage doors

Most people don’t think of them as such, but garage doors are heavy equipment, weighing hundreds of pounds, even in moderate size. Garage doors are also accompanied by very large springs under tremendous pressure, moving wheels encased in metal tracks, and hinged panels. Put that all together and you have a perfect storm of potential injury, especially with young children darting about.

The good news is awareness and preventative action goes a long way. For a review of garage door safety guidelines or primer for those new to this environment, here is a list of 5 important tips to keep kids safe near garage doors:

Don’t let children play with the door or its parts

Many children might simply view a garage door as a great big form of entertainment, and that’s where you come in. Teach your kids and their friends to respect the door and don’t let them play with pulleys, springs, or cables; all of which comprise an element of danger.  Hanging from the door or racing under it before it closes is of course extremely dangerous, and be sure kids can’t access and then play with a garage door opener. In fact, a garage door remote is like a toy in a kid’s eyes but it can lead to dire consequences.

Double-check sensors and auto-reverse features

Automatic door openers should include a functional obstruction sensor as well as auto reverse. Test these functions by blocking the sensor or leaning your weight against the door while it is operating. The door should stop and reverse directions.

Regular maintenance

Keeping to a dedicated maintenance schedule with your garage door is critical when children are in the picture. A worn spring or misaligned track can cause a serious operational snag and perhaps disastrous injury.

Don’t touch

Children’s natural curiosity is wonderful but it can also lead to serious trouble. A moving garage door is like a magnet for kids’ hands but it is very easy for little fingers to be pinched. Keep your kids away from garage doors at all times.

Keep it balanced

A garage door should open and close smoothly along its tracks. If the door is out of balance it could work free from the tracks and crash down with great speed and force. This is a recipe for serious injury.

There’s nothing difficult to understand about garage door safety. Stay alert, teach your children well, and keep your door operating properly to prevent injury and potentially save a life.


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